OBATA RYOSUKE  Kung Fu martial artist


Born in 1967
Birth: Kyoto Prefecture
Graduated from Ibaraki University, Faculty of Agriculture

About my career

Former Kyoto Prefectural Police Officer(2 years)
Former Chief Researcher, Ibaraki Prefectural Police Forensic Science Laboratory(20 years)

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The journey so far

【Martial Arts Career】Joined Judo club in high school. Studied under Master Zhao Yu Xiang, a traditional Chinese martial arts master living in Ibaraki Prefecture, since 1988. Trained in traditional Chinese martial arts such as Xingyi and Bagua, as well as various weapon techniques and qigong. He is currently a "representative disciple” and one of legitimate successor of Master Zhao.

  • Director of the "Japan-China Traditional Martial Arts Association" organized by Master Zhao Yuxiang.
  • International High First Class Instructor (International Development Center of Chinese Martial Arts).
  • He had been teaching in a supportive role for Master Zhao at workshops.
  • The 10th Hong Kong International Wushu Festival Hsing-i Kung Fu - Gold Award, Bagua Zhang - Silver Award, Hand-to-Hand Training- Gold Award

Traditional Technology and Techniques

Che Style Xing Yi Quan

Nine Palace Ba Gua Zhang


Original Works

All profile pictures are by "Atsuro Sakata"(写真家 坂田篤朗). Calligraphy is by "Misora"(書道家 愛光).

Che Style Xing Yi Quan

Traditional Kung Fu “Che Style Xing Yi Quan”

Powerful power is displayed by the "power of stepping into the ground (推進勁)" and the "wave-like interlocking power of the whole body (翻浪勁)".

Thoroughly establish the self as "standing between Heavens and the Earth." At the same time, use the body like a wave from the earth to gain great striking power. Stimulate the spirit, improve psychological tension, and gain vitality. At the same time, harmonize the body and spirit. Strive to balance these two different states. Regulate while increasing tension. Perfect both.

Nine Palace Ba Gua Zhang

The martial art of dancing freely between the sky and earth, using the power of the spiral 

A martial art that allows the mind and body to dance freely between nature and earth with the power of spirals.

There is a special practice of walking around the circumference of a circle with the center of the circle in mind. By concentrating on the center of the circle, one realizes that the center of the circle is one's reality, that one's present self is a false existence, and that this awareness lightens one's mind and body to achieve great freedom. This practice method is unique to bagua. As a result, it is expressed as dancing.

Blue Dragon bagua

Blue Dragon Ba Gua Zhang Method

Healing the mind and body with the power of the spiral.

This is a newly developed method that extracts the psychosomatic effects from the traditional martial art of nine-palm bagua zhang to heal and improve both the mind and body. In the body, it brings about "beautiful posture through the body axis," "flexible limbs," and "beautiful turning movements," while in the mind, it brings about "opening of the mind," "establishment of one's own axis," and "sensitivity to connect with nature.

Various Weaponry

Weapons 武器術

Weaponry such as sword, club, spear (katana, saber, stick, spear - yari-), etc.

Aside from its value as a combat technique with weapons, it is also an effective physical training. It is especially good work for strengthening the torso and body axis. Also, holding a weapon in one's hands naturally motivates and invigorates the mind. We teach traditional Chinese swords, swords, clubs, spears, three-pointed double-edged swords, and special weapons (zimo mandarin duck axe, wind and fire ring).

A martial arts teacher don't just teach you how to fight.

Aspirations and what we value

【Thoughts on Martial Arts】~True strength is~

We don't just teach you how to fight.

Martial arts were originally developed as fighting techniques for defending oneself.

Special power and effective training methods.

Introduction of the concept of chi from the study of human structures.

Even the art of weaponry, the accumulation of wisdom to survive and win.

That is the original martial art.

However, in modern society, there are few situations in which martial arts are used as combat techniques in everyday life.

So what is the meaning of studying martial arts in today's society?

I know there are many ways to think about this, but here is what I think.

『For people to live as they are.』

In a stagnant social environment where it is difficult to live as one's own person, there are many people who do not even know what that "self" is anymore.

At times, you may feel a sense of emptiness about living.

What is the "strength" that is really needed in such a situation?

It's not just a fighting technique.

Understanding ourselves, understanding others, and...

The ability to improve oneself and establish oneself while at the same time connecting abundantly with others and society.

I am able to be "myself" in any environment,

With this "self", you can interact meaningfully with the people around you.

Such ability is ”true strength”.

We believe that this is the "strongest" situation for a person.

Through teaching martial arts, I would like to walk the path of seeking such true strength together with all of you.

Martial arts is about 'developing strengths and compensating for weaknesses' and values individuality.

We hope you will find your "self" through the practice of martial arts.

Approach to Strength

(1) Establish self through mind and body

 (1) Build confidence

   ・・・By training and strengthening your mind and body, you will gain confidence from deep within.

 (2) Create a mind and body that can cope with any situation

   ・・・Since bujutsu has its origin in the harsh human relations of "conflict," it realistically creates a resourceful mind and body that can move at a moment's notice.

   It also helps facilitate relationships in daily life.

   Self-establishment is not "isolation”.

   Know your true nature and connect with society in a rich and individualistic way.

   We will cultivate such human skills.

(2) Explore human potential using the mind and body

Martial arts were originally developed for the purpose of surviving critical situations.

There are・・・

  ○Advanced physical capabilities
  ○How to Use Consciousness
  ○Mental conditioning
  ○Communication with others
  ○Embodying traditional philosophies of thought

It has accumulated a vast amount of wisdom and knowledge about "human beings," including

By learning these skills, we will develop and adjust ourselves and improve our "overall human ability".

(3) Realize that you are one life.

Because hsing-i and bagua emphasize posture and use the reaction force of the earth, a realistic sense of "connecting the mind to the heavens and the body to the earth" is required.

   In other words, we cultivate the sensitivity of "heaven, earth, and humanity in harmony".

It makes us realize that we do not live alone, but are connected to many things.

These martial arts also make us realize that we are one "living life" by moving our body, filling our whole body with chi, exercising our consciousness, and activating our mind.

   And a heart that values its own life nurtures compassion for other lives.



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Xing Yi Quan Kung Fu is one of the three major internal martial arts.

The characteristic of Xing Yi Quan is the power of a single blow.
The power of a single blow is the characteristic of Xing Yi Quan as shown in an anecdote about a master of Xing Yi Quan who defeated an opponent with a single blow.