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Trial SessionUpdate!

Each month, we hold a trial session for newcomers online (ZOOM) and in-person (Mitaka City, Tokyo).

Participation fee 2,000 yen

For those who explore the mysteries of the body and its movements


-Beautiful Posture with Traditional Kung Fu and Activate your Mind and Body!

"BLUE DRAGON BAGUAZHANG" is an exercise that enhances the vitality of human beings, which was created based on the traditional Kung Fu "NINE PALACE BAGUAZHANG" that I have handed down.
"Living by making full use of your Body and Mind"


  • You will get a "Beautiful Posture" that is connected to the Heavens and the Earth.
  •  You can eliminate the lack of exercise by "whole body exercise" that links the joints of the whole body.
  • The Qigong Effect will improve your Energy and Physical Strength.
  • The Image of Martial Arts cultivates A Strong Spirit and enhances your Motivation.